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Celebrated by professional baristas, our range of innovative coffee making products are international award-winners and trend-setters for coffee enthusiasts around the globe.

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MoreFlavour represents reputable coffee brands such as AeroPress, Wacaco, Baratza, Timemore, Able Brewing, Fellow, Brewista, Porlex.

Our love for adventure, flavour and friends shapes our culture and the brands we choose to partner with.

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Should I buy a coffee grinder?

Should I buy a coffee grinder?

Why buy a coffee grinder?Few things lift the human spirit quite like the smell of freshly ground coffee. But coffee grinders offer way more value than just an over-priced air freshener. In fact, if you really love coffee, here's why buying a coffee...

Choosing the right coffee grinder

Choosing the right coffee grinder

Choosing the right coffee grinderAny professional barista will tell you: grinding fresh with a quality burr grinder is probably the largest contributing factor to making good coffee. But with hundreds of coffee grinders to choose from, ranging from...

Friends of Flavour: @Mountainbarista

Friends of Flavour: @Mountainbarista

Cornelius Van Niekerk, aka @mountainbarista, combines his love for coffee and hiking mountains. It’s a simple, yet genius concept: Visit the places you love, and have your favourite coffee when you get there. @mountainbarista is doing just that and...

Friends of Flavour: Alan van Gysen

Friends of Flavour: Alan van Gysen

In conversation with world-renowned surf photojournalist and coffee lover, Alan van Gysen Over the last 20 years, Alan Van Gysen has spear-headed surf travel and adventure in Africa, becoming the certified “Africa-expert” in everyone’s contact...

AeroPress™ Recipes to start off with

AeroPress™ Recipes to start off with

Methods and Recipes. Here are the 2 main methods for using the AeroPress™, and then 2 generalised recipes for your intended coffee drink (shorter, more intense “espresso” or longer, less intense “Americano”) The traditional method (as per the...

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