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Legendary substance known to bring people back from the dead, give personality and endow with super powers.


The strain of coffee that produces some of the greatest coffee. Geisha’s, Bourbon, Caturra and the like are sub varietals of such a strain.


Your great grandfather used to make this in a sock… underground… away from approaching bears. It’s a cheap and easy to grow strain of coffee.


A short, intense coffee flavoured drink made from an espresso machine using exacting pressure, 8,5 – 9,5 bars, to extract out a single shot around 30ml in volume.


Thank the Americans for this one during WW1… Espresso is added to the top of hot water. Tastes nothing like filter coffee.


Slang term for a coffee flavoured beverage. Example… An Aeropress Brew.

Single Origin

A coffee originating from a single country and area – Ethiopian- Sidamo for example.

Single Estate

A coffee originating from a single farm/estate/wash station in a country – Colombian – Finca La Chorerra.


The master of the coffee station. The term originates from Italy and means Barman. We however associate it with that of a coffee professional. Someone who understands and appreciates coffee from seed to cup.


Plastic coffee brewing device… Endowed with the magic of the Elder Wand… Originating from the US and produced by the very same company that brought us the longest flying Frisbee. Aerobie has brought us one of the greatest brewing devices ever.

AeroPress Inverted Method

Plunger side down with the opening at the top.

Aeropress Standard Method

Opening facing down with Filter paper – Any paper used to filter the coffee grounds and prevent them from entering the cup or jug.Tends to bring a cleaner taste to cup.

Unbleached Filter Paper

Generally brown in colour, hasn’t been treated with some delicious bleach.

Bleached Filter

For those wanting to live on the edge… Paper white in appearance and rumoured to carry no paper taste into the cup.

Metal Filter

Generally laser cut and precise… Usually allows more body into the cup.


The perception of weight and feel on the tongue. Cream has a heavy, creamy body and mouthfeel. Water tends to be light and thin.


That sometimes sharp feeling you get in your mouth. It comes from citrus like tones and the acid present in your cup.


Coffee that is sour, will be present at the front of your tongue. Generally indicates an under extraction.


That back of your mouth feeling. Think wine tannin or herbs.

Under extraction

You’ve either used too little coffee, haven’t brewed your coffee for long enough or your grind size is too coarse. Indicated by a sour attribute in your cup.

Over extraction

You’ve either used too much coffee, brewed it for too long or your grind size is too fine. Indicated by a thick and bitter taste in the cup

Brew yield

Ooh fancy speak… This is a combination of the weight of coffee in and the weight of the brewed coffee out.


That thing that scares us when we get on a scale…

Grind Size

This is the size of the ground coffee once pushed through a grinder. Generally, grind settings are from 1-10. 1 being the finest and 10 being the coarsest you can go.
1 – Turkish Coffee
2 – 3 Espresso
4 – 7 Filter brew
5 – 8 Syphon
8 – 10 Plunger/Emersion

Emersion Brew

Coffee that is added directly to the water and soaked for a set amount of time. There is zero barrier between the water and coffee.

Filter Brew

Water is added to a bed of coffee and gravity fed through the ground coffee. The ground coffee is kept back by either a paper or metal filter system.


Not the app… A grinder is a devices that cuts or crushes coffee beans into a specific sizes based on brewing needs.

Blade Grinder

These tend to cut the coffee in a very inaccurate manner. Not recommended for coffee use.

Burr Grinder

Generally two rotating discs that crush and cut coffee into a uniform size. Ideal for brewing the best out of coffee.

Conical Burr

Burr grinder with cone shaped discs.

Flat Burr

Burr grinder with flat discs.

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