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There’s nothing quite like the smell of handmade, freshly-ground coffee brewing at the ideal temperature. Coffee is so much more than a hot beverage – it’s a key ingredient to a positive lifestyle. The only drawback are those pesky, messy paper filters that either don’t fit properly and / or are constructed out of low quality materials, resulting in a weak tasting coffee – is there anything worse? No, of course not.

There’s only one solution and now South Africans are ABLE to experience it! Say hello to Able Brewing’s DISK coffee filters.The disc is crafted from stainless steel, which allows more oils to pass through. The filter is also reusable, environmentally-friendly and is specifically designed for full compatibility with the incredibly popular AeroPress coffee maker.

There are two different types of filters available:

The standard filter: Allows for a fuller body with a tad more fines. It’s very durable and so it is perfect to accompany the travel-friendly AeroPress.

The fine filter: Produces a sweeter cup with little to no fines. It’s a 1/3rd of the size of the standard filter and needs to be handled with care.

Able Brewing’s DISK coffee filters will enhance the aroma, body and overall flavour profile of the brew.

Say goodbye to paper filters, forever.

Able Disk Fine Coffee Filter for AeroPress

Able developed these amazingly designed and crafted re-usabel stainless steel disc coffee filters for the AeroPress in South Africa, removing the need for paper filters.

Able Disk Standard Filter for AeroPress

The metal filters actually enhance the flavour of the coffee by allowing natural oils through, which cannot pass through a paper filter. Going go a long way towards enhancing the flavours in the coffee.

Able Travel Cap for AeroPress

Pimp your AeroPress coffee maker with the handy and air tight Travel Cap by Able


I love the item – really well made and engineered.

Made in the USA: This is something very important to us. Sustainable for us is not just being aware of the environment but also aware of our local economy. What this means is that the materials and labor used to make Able products are 100% USA sourced. We are proud to be working with so many talented and hardworking people. It is because of them that this is all possible.

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