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“Rich, flavoursome coffee able to be made quickly and easily” – now that’s a phrase any coffee lover wants to hear. In today’s fast-paced world, your time is more valuable than ever. Standing waiting for coffee to drip through a filter is far too slow. A fresh ultra-portable kit is here to help! Introducing Aerobie’s Aeropress.

The AeroPress coffee making system is an exceptional, durable and lightweight plunger-style coffee making product that has become so popular that it has reached cult status. It’s a must-have for any coffee lover.

The unique brewing style is what separates this little wonder from other coffee plunger products. It gives a very fine grind, which amplifies the flavour profile. The micro filter works in tandem with the brewing style and this ensures that the coffee is as pure and smooth as possible.

Once the coffee has been plunged, a disposable, dense puck of coffee is left over and can simply be removed – no mess, no fuss.

This is a matchless coffee making product that is not only great value for money, it’s very easy to use and brews top-tier coffee that challenges more expensive coffee machines.

The AeroPress is designed to fit in with your lifestyle. Now, you can have aromatic, full bodied coffee wherever, whenever you want. Are you ready to join the AeroPress coffee revolution?

How to use Aeropress

Do’s and Don’ts Aeropress

Put(it)in (for the dictator)

Ingredients: 45 ml of vodka 30 ml of cold drip coffee 15 ml of butterscotch schnapps 15 ml of coffee ...
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Roger Moore (for the classy)

Ingredients: 2 Tablespoons of blood orange syrup. 4 dashes of bitters 200ml of cold brew concentrate cherries(garnish) Orange peel(garnish) Ice ...
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Coco no5 (For the individual)

Ingredients: 100 ml of Cold drip Coffee Concentrate A can of coconut water (330ml) Ice Method: Simply add 35gr of ...
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AeroPress Recipe – Eduardo Samano Miranda

Eduardo Samano Miranda 2016 Mexican AeroPress Champion THE COFFEE Coffee Origin (region): Los Atlos de Chiapa, Mexico THE TOOLS Brewing ...
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AeroPress Recipe – Baris Iscan

Baris Iscan 2016 Turkish AeroPress Champion THE COFFEE Coffee Origin (region): El Salvador Roaster: Probador Colectiva THE TOOLS Brewing Tool ...
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AeroPress Recipe – Dayle Visser

Dayle Visser Pineapple express THE COFFEE Coffee Origin (region):Yirgacheffe Rocko Mountain (Ethiopia) Roaster: Tribe THE TOOLS Brewing Tool : AeroPress ...
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AeroPress Recipe – Chloe Nattrass

Chloe Nattrass 2016 German AeroPress World Champs THE COFFEE Coffee Origin (region):Nguruguru (Kenya) Roaster: The Barn - Berlin THE TOOLS ...
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AeroPress Recipe – Tan Hock Long

Tan Hock Long 2016 Malaysian Aeropress Champion THE COFFEE Coffee: Finca Lerida Origin (region):Boquete, Panama Roaster: Artisan Roastery THE TOOLS ...
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AeroPress Recipe – The Dub Step

The Dub Step Ishan Natalie THE COFFEE Coffee Origin (region):Unknown THE TOOLS Brewing Tool : AeroPress Method : Inverted Filter ...
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AeroPress Recipe – Nectar of the gods

Nectar of the gods By Daniel Erasmus THE COFFEE Coffee Origin (region):Long Miles, Gaharo Hill, roasted by Firebird Country : ...
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Aeropress champs posters

Amazing 2017 AeroPress Championship posters from around the world

2017 AeroPress Championship Season is in full swing, with the South African championships just around the corner (Sunday 2 July ...
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AeroPress Recipe – LJ’s Aero Espresso

LJ's Aero Espresso AeroPress® coffee brewed with kenyan flavour, traditional method THE COFFEE Country : Kenya THE TOOLS Brewing Tool ...
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AeroPress Recipe – Summer Juice

Summer Juice AeroPress® coffee brewed with Finca Los Chorrera, inverted method THE COFFEE Coffee Origin (region) : Finca Los Chorrera ...
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Aeropress Champs South Africa Heats up

Bonavita and Baratza have joined MoreFlavour's drive to find South Africa's Aeropress Champ to represent at the World AeroPress Champs ...
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SA AeroPress Champs 2015/16

The SA AEROPRESS CHAMPS 2015/16 YES those are official SA trophies signed by Alan himself! We are proud to announce ...
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Smallest Espresso Maker in the World

Minipresso. If you like, please share ...
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SA AeroPress Championships 2015/16

The SA AeroPress Champs return, and will be the biggest yet. As part of the Official AeroPress Championship SA the winner ...
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The most versatile coffee makers on the planet.

If you cruise the web you'll find thousands of weird and wonderful video's and images of people making an aeropress ...
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AeroPress, the most versatile coffee brewing in the world

If coffee is claimed to be the favourite drink of the civilized world, bad coffee could mean the end of ...
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The 2018 AeroPress Championships are approaching us sooner than later this year! Stay tuned and close to our posts on Facebook and Instagram for updates on dates, information and venue! The 2017 South African AeroPress Championships were hosted by Espresso Lab in Woodstock, Cape Town. It’s an incredible event – relatively intimate and fun – be ready to start drinking beers and coffee from 11am 🙂

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