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The Grindripper – a name that says that Blackwine is serious about their innovative products. This coffee kit is touted as being the freshest, most compact coffee kit on the market – this is great news for travellers because it can be securely stored in a backpack. What makes it stand out from other coffee makers is that it is a coffee grinder coupled with drip coffee functionality – 2-in-1! How great is that. It uses a ceramic burr, which not only delivers coffee of superior quality, it also ensures an immaculate grind – the precision of the grind is what determines the body, depth and flavour of the coffee. Blackwine’s Grindrippers are incredibly versatile, able to brew up anything from a tasty mocha to pure filter grind.The coffee maker is made from Tritan BPA-free plastic, which is ultra-heat resistant and not harmful to your health. The dripper slides into the grinder seamlessly and seals completely to ensure there is no wastage.

This makes it perfect to take on a long hike, camping or even a spontaneous road trip.

In addition to the original Grindripper, Blackwine has a 2-cup version available, so you can make double the amount of coffee in the same amount of time.

Grindripper Compact Coffee Maker

The Grindripper compact coffee maker is the most compact freshly ground cup of coffee available in South Africa. It makes use of both the dripping method and a coffee grinder.

Grindripper – 2 Cup Drip Coffee Maker

The Grindripper drip coffee maker is the most compact freshly ground cup of coffee on the market. It combines a coffer grinder and coffee dripper (Pour Over).


“A quick, compact and convenient coffee maker? We’re keen. The Grindripper is a coffee grinder and dripper in one, making delicious, freshly ground coffee at home or on the go.”

“Grindripper GD-2 combines a coffee grinder and drip brewer together – great!!”

“The Grindripper is an amazingly well made portable drip coffee maker and grinder. It is designed for the coffee lover who does not want to compromise on freshness or taste just because they are not at home!”

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