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Elegance, sophistication and flawless functionality – that’s what you can expect from Brewista’s range of coffee making products. The selection is based on timeless, classic designs that are sure to raise the eyebrows of all coffee-lovers. The aesthetic appeal blends seamlessly with the durable construction so that you can brew an impeccable cup of coffee in style. If you’re serious about your coffee, then you need to invest in the Brewista Smart Coffee Scale II! A true coffee aficionado knows that every gram of the grind counts. The scale has six programmed brew modes using its features to make any brew method precisely effortless, even espresso.

The Brewista Smart Pour™ variable digital kettle is another gem that needs to be in the kitchen. With six different pre-programmed temperature settings, a ‘keep warm’ function as well as a mode that allows you to set it to start boiling at whatever time you get out of bed – now, that is a ‘smart’ kettle! The collection also boasts eight-cup and five-cup hourglass brewers and even a digital thermometer gauge, so that your coffee is always at the optimum temperature.

Whether you are a coffee lover, aspiring barista or a consummate professional, Brewista’s range of coffee-making products and accessories will help you ‘design’ the perfect brew.

Brewista Smart Coffee Scale II

To brew the perfect cup every time every gram and every second counts. Nowadays an barista worth their salt will use a scale, stop watch and thermometer to accurately their brewing parameters.

Brewista Variable Kettle 1.2L

The Brewista Smart Pour™ Variable Digital Kettle combines all the features you want in a kettle for maximum control and efficiency. It’s made of durable 300 Series stainless steel and is built to last.

Brewista Stovetop Kettle 1.2L – with Gauge

Build wth the Analog Temperature Gauge is a brilliant option for a lit stovetop or induction surface. The built in temperature gauge displays current water temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Brewista 8 Cup Hourglass Brewer

Brewista’s revolutionary redesign of the classic hourglass brewer works with virtually any style paper filter; square, full cone, flat V cone, circular and standard or tall basket styles

Brewista 5 Cup Hourglass Brewer

Ergonomically designed profile and non-slip, heat resistant silicone wrap make it easy to handle. Borosilicate glass maintains temperature without cracking under quick temperature changes.

Brewista Digital Temperature Gauge

The Brewista Smart Temp™ Digital Temperature Gauge for Brewista Smart Pour™ and Stout Spout™ Stovetop and Electric Switch Kettles. Changes from Fahrenheit to Celsius at the touch of a button.

I use it nearly every day in my office. It’s wonderful because you don’t need to think about anything like brew temps or set any timers. It’s all on board and automatic once you hit the right button. Totally worth it.

The scale is terrific. I’m using it on mode AUTO 1, but there are three other modes for espresso and two modes for pourovers. The world of coffee has become much more scientific than it used to be, and many of us now weigh everything to insure consistency. We weigh the grounds dose, the weight of the brew, we insure every possible ratio, we repeat the successful ratios – we discard the ratios that don’t work. This is exactly the right tool for this process.

I highly recommend this scale to all other coffee geeks out there – which I guess makes me one of them.

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