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Exceptional hand coffee grinders

Porlex coffee grinders are known in the specialty coffee world as being the standard against which all other grinders are measured. The company, which is based in Japan, has been manufacturing industry-leading ceramic products for 40 years. The unique engineering method ensures precision-crafted ceramic burrs that are of the highest quality. The ceramic burrs are encased in stainless steel, making them far more robust than their glass counterparts, and much easier to clean.

There are two different Porlex coffee grinders available: Porlex Mini Mill hand grinder (perfect for travelling) and Porlex Tall Hand coffee grinder. The Mini Mill weighs in at a mere 236 grams and is able to grind 22 – 25 grams of coffee, which is ideal for the majority of alternative brew recipes. The mill is able to fit into the uber popular AeroPress coffee making system. With a Porlex grinder and AeroPress in tow, the exhilaration of adventure just got better. The Tall Hand grinder has double the capacity of the mini, allowing you to share the Porlex experience with a friend.

What really sets the Porlex grinders apart from its competitors is the speed and ease of the grind. If you’re a fan of the ‘old school’ way of making coffee, then a Porlex hand coffee grinder is a must-have.

A great looking grinder, good finish and has a constant coffee grind. The perfect item for my camping trips.

But the thing that sets Porlex grinders apart from other hand grinders is the speed and ease of grind. This is down to a couple of features: a long steel handle that connects solidly to the grinder and the ability to hold the grinder steadily in one hand while turning the handle with the other.

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