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Rhino Coffee Gear – Built tough. Built for industry.

Rhino Coffee Gear is synonymous with durability, power and overall convenience. It’s the new best friend for those who live an on-the-go lifestyle.The hand grinder possesses conical ceramic burrs that give you a clean grind. They are easy to clean and won’t rust. It’s wrapped in industry grade stainless-steel, which gives extra protection, reduces static and is also able to be cleaned in no time. The tough build ensures that it is perfect for travelling. Whether you’re going on a rigorous hike, camping in extreme weather conditions or taking a long walk, you’ll have coffee available all of the time. Weather conditions and activities may change frequently, but your Rhino Gear coffee grinder remains the same and will not let you down.


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There are two models available: Rhino Tall Hand Grinder and Rhino Compact Hand Grinder with adaptor.

The nifty adaptor allows you to grind directly into an AeroPress – a coffee making product that professionals in the industry have agreed makes the same high-quality coffee as expensive machines.

There is no doubt that being equipped with a Rhino Coffee Gear grinder will ensure superior quality coffee 24/7. This is truly a phenomenal product at an affordable price – get grinding.

The Hand Grinder by Rhinowares is a manual grinder that is compact, easy to use and perfectly portable for use at home, at work or on the go. It even comes with a custom-made carry case. It works perfectly with a range of coffee makers and will grind beans with a coarseness ranging from Espresso to French Press.

While some manual grinders have a small area to grab the Rhinowares compact has an oversized handle for the grinder which provides a much easier grind for the daily use.

With a sturdy stainless steel housing, the Rhinowares hand coffee grinder will become your trusty, compact, go-to grinder!

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