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Wacaco – Be your own barista.

If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, you know that there is no turning back – you’re on a perpetual journey of discovery.

Wacaco has designed their Nanopresso and Minipresso range of espresso-making products specifically for the outdoors, able withstand the elements, so that your coffee is there for you wherever you are. From strenuous hikes to camping in stormy weather, Wacaco’s range of espresso brewers won’t let you down. The pint-size Nanopresso is able to reach up to 18 bars of pressure, allowing for a full body taste that rivals expensive countertop coffee making machines.

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It’s best to use fine ground coffee that is tamped down as much as possible. However, a Nanopresso NS adaptor is available if coffee pods are more preferable – this essentially allows Nespresso pods to be used. The benefit of this is that the coffee is already – mechanically – ground, measured, and tamped to precision. Wacaco also has a pod-only version available called the Minipresso NS – this product does not need any adaptor.

When that excitement-stealing lack of energy kicks in, the ultra-portable Wacaco caffeine-delivery system is at hand. Make sure that this rugged espresso maker joins you on your journey. There is no stopping you now. Are you ready to go?

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