Ultimate control of water and extraction in your
hands when you make coffee.

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Stagg Paper Filters



Stagg Paper Filters – for [XF] and [X]

Paper filters designed specifically for our drippers’ steep slopes. Make sure you snag the correct filter size dependant on which dripper you have! (Hint hint, tall filters if you use Stagg [XF] Dripper and short filters if you use Stagg [X] Dripper.)

  • › Pack of 30 filters
  • › Flat bottom design

Perfect your caffeine fix each morning with the Stagg Pour-Over Coffee System. An incredible design by Fellow, this system includes a dripper, filters, a carafe, and even tasting glasses to ensure your brew is the best it can be. Delivering barista-quality coffee with ease use, the Stagg Pour-Over Coffee System is the most advanced double-walled vacuum insulated brewer. The system is designed to never clog to give a consistent drip as well as retain heat during the brewing process so you enjoy every sip. The specially designed drip cup catches every drop while the structure of the system provides an increased coffee-to-water ratio for better extraction of flavour. Additionally, the Stagg Pour-Over Coffee System comes with a ratio aid so you are adding the exact amount of water you need to get the perfect cup. – Gadget Flow

This thing is amazing. I usually alternate between this and my AeroPress.

Things I really like: a very well made product; measurement markers to help you brew that perfect cup; extremely portable (I can easily throw it in my backpack and take on the road without fear of it breaking – unlike my Chemex); it fits on top of just about any coffee cup or thermos.

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