The LUME is a outdoor rechargeable travel burr coffee grinder, that delivers quality ground coffee.



R 1,950

This is the lightest auto-grinder on the market

that delivers coffee shop quality grounds for those who might be travelling. At full charge, LUME will grind enough for up to 50 cups. The LUME uses a stabilized conical ceramic burr to keep everything precise and even. At 150 lumens, the LUME provides sufficient light for the night time camping adventure.

Key Product Specs
  • Weight – 22 Ounces (624g)
  • Dimensions: Height – 9.5 Inch (24.2cm) Diameter – 3.25 Inch (8.3cm)
  • Standard Mini-A USB charging interface
  • Battery Life: Up to 20 hrs of 150 Lumen illumination or approximately 50 cups of coffee.
About LUME Design

LUME Design was founded by Penn Li in 2015 operating across New York and Shanghai. The LUME team is currently working on introducing next-generation connectivity and mobility to today’s consumer products.

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