Grindripper Compact Coffee Maker



The Grindripper compact coffee maker is the most compact freshly ground cup of coffee available in South Africa. It makes use of both the dripping method and a coffee grinder. The adjustable ceramic burr delivers the highest quality ground for anything from Mocha through to filter grind. The dripper slides conveniently onto the coffee grinder, which ensures a grind chamber which is well sealed. Grindripper is made from the highest quality Tritan BPA free plastic (ultra heat resistant and not detrimental to your health). Grindripper is the freshest, most compact coffee kit on the market. It makes for a good travel companion, and most of all a convenient way to make coffee at work.


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  1. Adjust grinder to pour over (5 clicks)
  2. Place filter paper in pour over
  3. Lock onto grinder
  4. Add 15g of coffee beans
  5. Fit handle and grind
  6. Carefully remove dripper and place on cup
  7. Slow pour hot water and allow to drain. Continue until you have desiblackbtn strength and level.