Minipresso Case



Nano-Mini Case is made of durable EVA material and soft fabric interior lining. It is specially designed to fit around the Minipresso GR, NS or CA as well as the Nanopresso with adapter ring (NS adapter ring or double espresso adapter ring). The case helps protect from any bumps, scratches and dust.

  • Dimensions: 200x80x70mm
  • Weight: 80g

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How to Use Tab


  • Fill the large water tank from the barista kit with 140ml of hot water.
  • Screw the double espresso adapter onto the head of the Nanopresso .
  • Fill the double sized, 16g, filter basket with ground coffee using the Nanopresso scoop.
  • Tamp, HARD, using the new Nanopresso tamp included in the barista kit.
  • Be sure to clean any grounds off the rim before placing it in the double espresso adapter.
  • Screw on the lid and pump the perfectly extracted espresso into the cup of your choice.

The Nanopresso produces 18 bars of pressure and creates a perfect cafe quality crema with rich flavor, so enjoy!

Nano Hack: If you take your coffee ‘to go’ then pre pack one (or two! Or three – we don’t judge!) filter baskets with ground coffee, secure the lid and you can bring your cafe with you!

Really good quality of product for the money. Makes an amazing single or double shot everytime! Other campers are always really jealous as soon as they smell our espresso over their instant coffee.