Vacuum coffee storage container


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Don’t let flavour dissipate! Store your coffee properly in an airtight, vacuum seal storage container and prolong the life of your coffee by up 3 times!

Timemore’s vacuum seal coffee container is specifically designed for coffee storage. The pump action lid quickly creates an airtight seal, preventing further contact with air, the main cause of aging and oxidation. They come in 3 sizes, the smallest will store just under 200g of beans and the largest up to 500g of coffee. Unlike plastic containers, which stain and absorb fragrances, Timemore’s vacuum seal containers are made from stain resistant Borosilicate glass, making it easy to wash away any lingering fragrance from previously stored coffee or tea. For espresso drinkers in particular, storing coffee properly will reduce the amount of dialling in (grind preparation) required for a good extraction, radically reducing waste costs by up to 50% and preserving flavour.

Don’t let your flavour dissipate and get all the flavour your deserve for longer.


  • Made from stain-resistant Borosilicate glass
  • Pump seal and easy release button
  • Stackable
  • Lids are interchangeable between sizes


  • Comes in small 400ml, medium 800ml and 1.2L,
  • All 10.8 x 10.8cm wide


  • Machine wash glass part only
  • DO NOT WASH LID, as it will ruin the seal
  • 2-year warranty distributed by wholesale distributor in South Africa
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