AeroPress™ Recipes to start off with

Methods and Recipes. Here are the 2 main methods for using the AeroPress™, and then 2 generalised recipes for your intended coffee drink (shorter, more intense “espresso” or longer, less intense “Americano”)

The traditional method (as per the inventor’s go-to-method):

  1. Remove the plunger (the part with the rubber stopper) from the coffee chamber.
  2. Unscrew the black filter cap from the bottom of the coffee chamber.
  3. Pop in a filter (either one of the filter papers in the pack, or a metal Able DISK / DISK Fine metal filter).
  4. Rinse the filter and screw the filter cap back onto the brewing chamber. This rinses the paper taste out of paper filters, and creates a small suction for the metal filter to stay onto the plastic cap
  5. Place the brewing chamber on top of the correctly sized vessel. Coffee for just one? Use a sturdy mug. Small gathering? Rather press all the coffee into a decanting jug first, then equally pour out across all cups
  6. Put the desired amount of ground coffee into the chamber
  7. Pour the correlating initial amount of hot water into the brewing chamber (less water for espresso, more water for Americano).
  8. Mix the grinds and water with your stirring paddle for about 10 seconds to assist in pre-infusion, then add the remaining desired amount of water.
  9. Insert the plunger into the chamber.
  10. Wait between 30 seconds and 1min then apply gentle pressure to the plunger. Listen for the final hiss. This is the last bit of water pushing through
  11. Once you’ve finished plunging, remove the entire chamber from your mug or decanter.

The inverted method

This method is said to be less messy because the chamber is upside down and there is no seepage through the filter.

  1. With this method you leave the plastic filter cap screwed off at this point and instead insert the plunger into the chamber up to mark 4.
  2. Turn it over so the numbers are upside down, and where the black filter cap would screw on is facing upwards.
  3. Now add the desired amount of grinds into the chamber.
  4. Rinse the filter (paper or metal) with hot water.
  5. Set the cap with filter aside, then Pour the initial hot water into the AeroPress chamber.
  6. Give it a good stir with your stirring paddle for about 10 seconds, then add the remaining water up to the correct marking.
  7. Screw the black filter cap with filter onto the brewing chamber
  8. Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute, then place a decanting jug or your mug on top of the AeroPress™. Hold the AeroPress™ and decanter / mug together and flip it over.
  9. Apply gentle pressure to the plunger. Listen for the final hiss. This is the last bit of water pushing through.

One AeroPress, two recipes?


With one versatile piece of equipment, you can make several coffee types from either of the above methods. We’ll call these recipes. There are actually 3 basic recipe / drink types you can play around with: (A) shorter, more intense “espresso”, (B) longer, less intense “Americano” or filter coffee, or (C) cold brew from the AeroPress™.

Much like baking a cake, choose your desired recipe and use the following “ingredients” or parameters, and use one of the above methods.

(A) Shorter, more intense “espresso” starter recipe.

  1. Coffee: 25g – 30g
  2. Grind size: Fine / finer (closer to espresso grind. 5 on a Baratza Encore or Virtuoso+)
  3. Water temperature: 92° – 95° C (or wait 2 minutes from boil).
  4. Initial water amount: 30g – 45g
  5. Total water amount: 90g – 120g
  6. Time until push down: 60 seconds
  7. Push intensity: Quite hard and fairly quick

(B) Longer, less intense “Americano” or filter coffee starter recipe.

  1. Coffee: 14g – 16g
  2. Grind size: Between fine and coarse. About same as a cone-shaped pourover (10-12 on a Baratza Encore or Virtuoso+)
  3. Water temperature: 80° – 90° C (or wait about 4 minutes from boil).
  4. Initial water amount: 30g – 55g
  5. Total water amount: 230g – 260g
  6. Time until push down: 85 – 120 seconds
  7. Push intensity: Softer and slow to quite slow.

Cleaning (for both the traditional and inverted methods):

  1. Screw off the black filter cap and face the chamber upright.
  2. Push the plunger all the way through until your coffee puck pops out on the other end.
  3. Rinse out your AeroPress™ and store uncompressed to keep your rubber seal airtight for years. (So, either insert the plunger all the way into the chamber without the filter on or keep both components entirely separated.
  4. Your filter can be rinsed off and reused, especially if it’s the metal one (You can reuse each paper filter up to 3 times). Leave the filter to dry before you take
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