Announcing a new way to use your AeroPress™ : COLD BREW in two minutes!

So we recently came across this recipe on Instagram and from AeroPress™ HQ directly. With a slight berg wind coming in the door, and needing to stretch my legs, I thought I’d dabble a bit.

My thoughts? Very pleasantly surprised.

No, really. I’ve had probably about 4 or 5 cold coffee drinks in my life I’d recommend, with 3 of those being in the UK while I was there. (If you have any you think would add to that list…well, I’d love to try em out. Send me suggestions).

So…here is that recipe with “proper” volumes and relevant details added:
  • 14g of coffee (that’s about 1 rounded AeroPress™ scoop).
  • Grind size: between cone filter and espresso. Pretty fine
  • Add 130ml of cold water (about up to the (2) mark)
  • Stir continually for 60 seconds
  • Press down.
  • Voila! Cold Brew concentrate from an AeroPress™.

Now, it’s really up to you from here. The original recipe says to add cold water or ice to make a 240ml mug of cold brew. But I’d personally play around with the strength that works for me.

Less water and/or ice and it will be less diluted, and taste “stronger”  More water and/or ice and it will be more diluted and taste “weaker”. Add in some milk instead. Crush the ice. Do both. Have fun and stay cool this Summer.

Unlike iced coffee, cold brew doesn’t require hot water.

The Secret Behind This Recipe?

Unlike other cold brews that take 12-24 hours to brew, the AeroPress™can give you cold coffee in two minutes. The key is the long stir time using a finer grind of coffee. Optimizing the contact between the coffee grounds and water quickly enables delicious flavour extraction from the grounds.

It’s harder to extract flavour using cold water, but the brisk one-minute stir time in our method eliminates that problem.

Start Making a cold brew with the AeroPress™

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