The Oomph – an advanced portable coffee maker

The Oomph is a hand powered portable coffee maker and travel cup, using a pressure system that can make a perfect brew coffee in under 2 minutes!

The brewing system is self-supporting, allowing flavor to be sealed in to get the very best of the coffee. the Oomph will keep your coffee hot for up to an hour. Decant, or drink your brew straight from the mug.

The Oomph’s unique design is the ultimate grab and go coffee maker – perfect for the modern lifestyle. Tested against other leading coffee making devices, The Oomph has proved itself with its ability to achieve superior extraction using a variety of grind sizes.

How it Works

Brewing is simple. Add your favorite ground coffee into the inner chamber, pour hot water and allow to brew. After around 1 minute the device is ready to be pressed. The Oomph’s specially designed chamber narrows towards the filter, causing an accelerated flow rate, which increases the flavor of your coffee.


While being presses the grounds and the liquid are separated, causing and anti-bitterness lock, while the extraction process is stopped. This device is capable of adjusting your brew. Quite simply you can unlock and reverse the press. The liquid is drawn back into the coffee grounds, letting you brew for longer and pressing again for a more flavorful brew.


“An all-in-one that actually delivers … makes consistently good coffee with minimal fuss.”GQ Magazine

The Oomph comes as a black or clear device here on MoreFlavour. Get on one today!


Faster Brewing

Having a superior brewing system, there is no waiting for long brewing times.


Even after the brew you are able to adjust strength and flavor.

Coffee to go

Traveling,outdoors or communing or office bound, this is your perfect coffee companion.


Quick, easy, no filters.

Brewing methods

Discover cold brew coffee, experiment with teas.


Using the accelerated flow rate you are able to brew the perfect cup.

The Oomph in action


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