Roger Moore (for the classy)

Dec 5, 2017 | Recipes



  • 2 Tablespoons of blood orange syrup.
  • 4 dashes of bitters
  • 200ml of cold brew concentrate
  • cherries(garnish)
  • Orange peel(garnish)
  • Ice
  • A naughty optional – 30-50ml of Southern Comfort


Add 450g of ice to your Brewista 8 Cup Hourglass brewer.Combine your blood orange syrup and bitters in a glass, pour through a filter onto the ice. Grind 120gr coffee beans medium-fine and add to syrup soaked filter. Add 200ml boiling water, gently stir and allow to bloom for 1 min, add 100ml boiling water and allow to bloom for 45 seconds, add a final 150ml. Stir the mixture well, and garnish with orange and cherry.If you’re feeling naughty, add a lashing of Southern Comfort.


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