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What really gets your beans going

Get your cup of coffee ready is an important part for the quality of a brewed cup. Making an excellent cup of coffee can be attributed to many things ,a good coffee machine or coffee device for brewing. Perhaps more importantly, a coffee grinder.

How Important Are Coffee Grinders
The grinder is used to extract the aroma and taste from coffee beans, letting you brew a great cup of coffee. A lot of the time the coffee machine overshadows the grinder, but the grinder has the task of the all important coffee bean grind size.

Grind Size
The coffee ground size determines how your cup will turn out taste-wise. When it comes to grind size, there are three factors which make the biggest difference:

Contact time, extraction rate and flow rate.

The extraction rate of coffee grounds increases with a larger surface area.
To increase surface area, grind the coffee finer.
The higher the extraction rate, the less contact time is needed.
A finer grind can reduce the flow rate of water, increasing the contact time.

By adjusting the grind size and tasting your coffee you should be able to find a balance with your grinder and grind size to produce your best cup.


Which Grinders?
OK, onto the equipment.


The Baratze sette 270W is award winning grinder (2016 Best New Product by the SCAA judges )
Designed and perfected in Liechtenstein over a period of 8 years, this technology sets a new standard in simplicity, efficiency, and durability. This new mechanism has the outer burr rotate and the inner burr is fixed, a truly revolutionary design. The design of this mechanism doubles the efficiency of similarly sized grinders. Coffee passes straight through the grinder, vertically, and drops directly into the grounds bin or your portafilter.

Some of the features
Weight-based Conical Burr Coffee Grinder (grind by weight)

1. Amazing new straight-thru burr bringing technology from Etzinger
2. Dose by weight into a portafilter from Acaia – giving precise and accurate weight based dosing
3. Unique pass-through grinding mechanism is superbly efficient, leaving almost no ground coffee behind even at fine espresso settings
4. Digital display & Blue tooth capabilities designed by Acaia
5. Repeatable grind adjustments
6. Programmable presets up to 99.9 g, so you can create and store doses for your espresso and drip brews with ease
7. Speed of grind espresso 3.5 g/sec. and manual brew 5.5 g/sec.
8. Awarded Best New Product at the SCAA 2016 Expo
9. Considered by many as a game changer



While both the Baratza Sette 270 and 270W offer different dosing options, the Sette 270 grinds by time while the Sette 270W grinds by weight. The Sette 270W takes some time to tare before grinding. While the new Baratza grinders are identical in looks, the dosing options are what makes them different. Both Sette’s grind 3.5 to 5.5 grams per second, but programming the Sette 270 shows off it’s speed. Since the Sette 270 doses by time, it’s more accurate than the Sette 270W . Although, weighing beans maintains better consistency between different coffees whereas time doesn’t account for bean density or size.


Hand Grinders

Hand coffee grinders are a serious option for anyone who wants to brew great coffee at home, or outdoors, basically anywhere..
A hand coffee grinder provides a consistent grind while selling for less than the cheapest acceptable electric model. Without the cost of a motor, hand coffee grinders put more focus on the pieces that truly matter: the burrs.

The Porlex grinder is a great option here

Weighing in at 236g, less truly is more with the Porlex Mini Grinder. It’s narrow cylindrical shape fits beautifully in your hand, allowing you grind in a very natural motion. The lid prevents beans from flying all over the place, which keeps grinding neat and tidy. The adjustable conical ceramic burr delivers great grind consistency, and can even grind as fine as espresso. Porlex mini grinds a max of 22g-25g of coffee, which covers the bases for most single cup alternative brew recipes, and the adjustments are really well weighted increments to keep things pretty simple.

Rhinowares hand coffee grinder

The Rhinowares hand coffee grinder is the perfect solution for grinding coffee “on the go”. It’s great for travel, work or even just at home.

Quality food grade stainless steel housing making cleaning easy – also reduces static
Tested and certified as food safe by an independent laboratory; peace of mind for you
Conical ceramic burrs ensuring a clean grind – the burrs stay sharp longer, don’t rust and are easier to clean
A simple adjustment allows for a range of grind types
Ample capacity – can hold up to 42 grams of coffee beans
A convenient and protective carry bag
Smooth grinding motion
Superior particle size distribution

The End Result.
If you feel your cup of coffee is a tad weak, try a slightly finer grind size next time. Or if the coffee tastes too strong or slightly bitter, test with a slightly larger grind size to see if it solves the problem.



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