LJ’s Aero Espresso

AeroPress® coffee brewed with kenyan flavour, traditional method


Country : Kenya


Brewing Tool : AeroPress

Method : Traditional

Filter : Bleached


Coffee dry weight : 21g

Grind size : 4 = Medium Coarse (Hourglass Brewer)

Water Volume : 70ml

Temperature : 93-94deg

Total Steep Time : 35-40sec

Brewing Tips :

-Add 21 g of espresso ground coffee into your Aero Press.
-Insert bleached 01 filter paper into the lock and rinse.
-Add hot water almost boiling over your coffee and mix till its all wet to ensure even extraction.
-Push timer and let it steep for between 30-35 secs.
-Grab your Aero Press and place over a metal jug or ceramic cup and swirl the contents together.
-Push the coffee out with some force and you will get an espresso strength shot.
-Drink black or add some steamed milk to make yourself a cortado.


Lovejoy Chirambasukwa

Lovejoy Chirambasukwa

Coffee Geek

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Website : craftcoffee.co.za

Craft Coffee

Craft Coffee

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