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Celebrate Fathers Day with coffee

Dads love their coffee. Like a lot of people its the first thing they start off with.. and getting up in the morning becomes harder and harder for Dads with age, so the coffee often ends up becoming stronger as time move on. Fathers day, for obvious reasons, is a day that Dads can sleep in a bit. This time it is up to you.. to bring the coffee.

Here are some ideas.

Coffee Mugs

There are millions of Dad themed coffee mugs out there ranging from cute, slightly rude , to just plain mean. Mugs are not expensive, so this is an ideal gift, if you battle buying Dad gifts. In your Dads eyes you will have given him something for life… The Dad coffee mug is so well guarded, it almost takes on Olympic gold medal status. No one may use this cup, it is for Dad and his coffee – Alone.

Coffee making products

One of the best coffee making products around is the AeroPress. Not only does it look cool (Dads need to feel like this), but its easy to use, and makes amazing coffee.

Get one here.

If your dad is already a coffee guru, then adding these products to his already amazing coffee making process could only make things better (Along with the mug you bought, you’ll be in the good books for at least 1 year..)

Coffee Recipes

Cafe mocha

This is one way to kick start your Fathers Day and make something special. All dads like chocolate.

  • Heat the milk on the stove, but be careful not to let it burn.
  • Pour the mocha powder or hot chocolate mix into an oversized mug.
  • Pour the skim milk into the mug, and quickly stir until the powder dissolves into a mocha syrup.
  • When the coffee is ready, pour it into the mug with the mocha syrup and stir them together.

BOOM ! Now he is awake !

Coffee bacon sandwiches

Not sure how this one works.. but coffee and bacon really seem like they should go together – check out a great recipe here.

The World AeroPress Annual

Dad loves to read, and test out new things, here is a book that covers all the best AreoPress Recipes by the champs !
The Annual by the World AeroPress Championship is now available on pre-order. It’s a 300+ page page retrospective of the 2016 World AeroPress Championship season,featuring every national poster and winning recipe. The book comes packed with photographs, interviews, and competition results. Check it out here

A gift basket

Make your Dad a gift basket tribute box packed with goodies – chocolate and coffee are best pairings ever, and perhaps popping in one of the above products will be an even bigger surprise.

We hope you have some found some great ideas here – Here’s to the dads !

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