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Aeropress™, the original press

Don’t you just despise a morning person? With their up-at-the-crack-of-dawn determination reminding you of your failure to welcome the new day before the sun is even awake. This screams pretentious. And as much as you try your utter best to be a cheery early riser,...

The world in your mug

I met JP in Bloemfontein where he was a Barista at Royal Roastery and what sparked our conversation was his very permanent Aeropress tattoo on the back of his arm. He left bloem to work and play in the US and has now returned where he works at Pause coffee fighting...

Garden Route, Coffee Roasters & Tasting Road Trip

What was meant to be a trip where others were able to learn from me, ended up being a trip where I’ve been on the receiving end of learning more than anyone else. Before leaving I told myself that I need to approach this trip with an open mind and fresh perspective in order to observe and learn from the experiences.

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